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Nov 19, 2013

The Norwegian Cancer Society 75 years!

The Norwegian Cancer Society celebrated its 75th anniversary this year, and a record high amount of 160 million NOK was distributed to cancer research. Several of the RRNEV network groups are engaged in cancer research and were fortunate funding receivers!

Research has always been a high priority in the Norwegian Cancer Society. Throughout the 75 year period, a total of five billion NOK has been granted by the society for cancer research. Only the last ten years, donations to the Cancer Society made ​​them able to allocate 1.6 billion to cancer research. This represents over 25 percent of the total funds for cancer research in Norway.

This year, as much as 160 million NOK was distributed to 121 cancer researchers at 12 different research institutions across the country. It was the large, well-established research institutions that received the majority - Oslo University Hospital (73 million) and the Universities of Oslo (35 million) and Bergen (24 million). 











Several members of RRNEV received funding for project running costs or scientific positions from the Cancer Society in 2013: 

Alicia Llorente (Microvesicle and Prostate Cancer Group):
Extracellular Vesicles and Prostate Cancer: In Search of Tumorigenesis Mechanisms and Biomarkers

Anne Hansen Ree (Clinical and Molecular Oncology in Rectal Cancer Group):
Exosomes from Hypoxic Tumors – Mediators of Cancer Metastasis?

Ian Mills (Prostate Cancer Research Group):
Identifying OGlcNAc-modified proteins in prostate cancer cells and the recruitment sites and genes regulated by modified c-Myc

Kirsten Sandvig (Microvesicle and Prostate Cancer Group):
Endocytosis and intracellular sorting of protein toxins

Åslaug Helland (The OncoGenomics Group):  
Molecular characterisation as basis for stratified personalised treatment of lung cancer patients


”Kreftforeningen – tildeling av forskningsmidler 2013" (PDF)

Visit the Norwegian Cancer Research website here.


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