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Jan 7, 2014

Recent JEV publications

Three new articles published in JEV on December 23rd, including a position paper on RNA analysis on EV!

Exosomal ITGA3 interferes with non-cancerous prostate cell functions and is increased in urine exosomes of metastatic prostate cancer patients
by Irene V. Bijnsdorp, Albert A. Geldof, Mehrdad Lavaei, Sander R. Piersma, R. Jeroen A. van Moorselaar, Connie R. Jimenez
(Published: 23 December 2013)

ISEV position paper: extracellular vesicle RNA analysis and bioinformatics
by Andrew F. Hill, D. Michiel Pegtel, Ulrike Lambertz, Tommaso Leonardi, Lorraine O'Driscoll, Stefano Pluchino, Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan, Esther N.M. Nolte-'t Hoen
(Published: 23 December 2013)

Therapeutic MSC exosomes are derived from lipid raft microdomains in the plasma membrane
by Soon Sim Tan, Yijun Yin, Tricia Lee, Ruenn Chai Lai, Ronne Wee Yeh Yeo, Bin Zhang, Andre Choo, Sai Kiang Lim
(Published: 23 December 2013)

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