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Jan 14, 2014

"Rectal Cancer" Group project visualized on the Cancer Society webpage!

One of the cooperative groups in RRNEV was recently highlighted on the website of the Norwegian Cancer Society for its ongoing project - The OxyTarget study.

The study originates from a hypothesis which professor and specialist in oncology Anne Hansen Ree and her research group at the Department of Oncology, Akershus University Hospital, are working on.

Along with postdoctoral researcher and project manager Katrine Røe she has recently started a new clinical trial, called the OxyTarget study. Here, patients with rectal cancer are examined for "microbubbles" or exosomes, oxygen levels in the tumor and their correlation with proliferation.

- We hope that the OxyTarget study confirms our hypothesis as this may allow the development of better diagnostics and treatment of cancer patients, according to Ree.

Anne Hansen Ree, a professor and specialist in oncology at Akershus, in conversation with a patient. Photo: Ahus.

Read the original article here.


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