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Jun 30, 2014

Selected lectures from ISEV 2014 made available

ISEV has now made some of the key lectures available on the meeting website, including the full video of Prof. Phil Stahl's plenary lecture "Exosomes: Looking back three decades and into the future":

Taken from

Below are several sets of slides summarising the science presented at ISEV2014:

(See also the "ISEV 2014 Rotterdam" folder in the "Members"-tab for more)


Summary of Basic Science presented at ISEV2014 (Esther Nolte-t Hoen):


Introductory Lecture of EV Biogenesis and Secretion (Clotilde Thery):


Introductory Lecture of Flow Cytometry analysis of EV’s (Marca Wauben):


Introduction to Pathogen Derived EV’s (Hernando del Portillo):


Introduction to EV Isolation (Chris Gardiner):


Photos taken during the meeting available at: (by Jan Lötvall)

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