Aug 23, 2016

Join the SELECTBIO Extracellular Vesicles Virtual Event made available from September 21st, and hear leading researchers talk about topics within EV biology and therapeutic potential!



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Aug 18, 2014

EMBL Advanced Course in Exosome Purification, Identification and Translation

EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) is organizing an advanced course in exosome purification, identification and translation in Heidelberg, Germany, November 26-28th 2014. A great opportunity to learn more on how to work with exosomes (extracellular vesicles) in the lab!

The course aims to make PhD students and post-doctoral researchers familiar with good-practice-guidelines and methods for purification and identification of exosomes (with practical sessions included).

Application deadline Friday September 26th (online application September 1st!). Note: Limited number or participants!

Read more about the course and registration here.



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