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May 10, 2016

ISEV 2017 announced to be in Toronto!



The ISEV 2016 meeting in Rotterdam has just passed, we thank you for yet another inspiring and educational event, and we look forward to meeting with both existing and new vesicle enthusiasts also in 2017! With the ISEV society growing larger each year (825 participants this year!) - the ISEV committee was proud to already announce next year´s annual meeting to be held in Toronto, Canada, May 18th-21st 2017! Go to for more information to come.

On May 4th of this year´s meeting, RRNEV got the opportunity to present our regional Norwegian EV network together with other national societies and international networks as a part of the ISEV satellite events. There seems to be a growing interest for further networking and collaboration across smaller networks and societies in the EV field, even opening up for branching via ISEV. So thank you ISEV for acknowledging and encouraging this! 

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